Archive Update

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Finally reaching the end of about six months of solid ebaying of approximately 250 duplicates I had in the truckload of 16mm films I bought last March. These sales have offset the entire cost of the acquisition. Next step is to cut down the remaining 500 films into more manageable highlight reels, selling empty reels on eBay and recycling damaged cans and reels at the scrapyard. In the end I’ll probably have 50 1200’ highlight reels that will be used as source material for the project.Then there’s another 200 films in the corner that are really cool and should probably not be cut up. I’d be more inclined to keep them if I wasn’t planning on moving. I’ll go back through them again and sell some to help acquire a transfer projector or pay for transfers. End goal is $0 out of my pocket. So far, so good.