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I started watching films this week. Some of the highlights thusfar are:

Behavior of the Dog, a series a silent, short documents covering dog breeding and birthing, filmed by the Veterinary Studies Department at the University of Michigan.

End of the Road, a short narrative about a girl whose car breaks down and ends up getting a ride with an over-aggressive boy who tries to rape her after she fails to remember his class presentation on Jimi Hendrix in their summer school class.

Precision (pictured above), a beautifully shot musical montage of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police performing intricate drills.

Back at Work, an mid-80’s gem sponsored by the Ontario Chiropractors Association that starts with a beautiful slow-mo montage, visually reminiscent of Carrie, of young people frollicing in the sun, riding 10-speeds, and throwing frisbees. It then cuts to the interior of a factory with old, pasty white folks working on an assembly line. The message is essentially going to a chiropractor will help make your soulless life a little less painful.