A Taxonomy of Digital Video Remixing

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Wreck & Salvage and my video Saturday Morning (video below) get mentioned in A Taxonomy of Digital Video Remixing: Contemporary Found Footage Practice on the Internet by Eli Horwatt, York University, Canada:

“The pervasive tone of these works demonstrates a deep suspicion of media itself — specifically the authoritative voice of journalism and the persuasive techniques of advertising. Much of political remixing depends on deconstructing how desire is created through images, as evinced in the work of remix collective Wreck and Salvage. In their rapid-fire montage of advertisements that appear between children’s programming, the video Saturday Morning illustrates how gender stereotypes/behaviors and eating habits are reinforced for children. The work, which appropriates both the advertisements and the unrelenting speed in which images appear on television, depicts how commercials shape desire through repetition.”