Howdy. I’m a film and video artist originally from Houston, Texas now living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Over the years my moving image work has taken on many forms: Super 8, 16mm, 16mm multiple projection performance and installation, video installation, 16mm found footage films, hand-painted film, culture jamming video, videoblogging, and internet video remix. I’ve had my work shown world-wide from historic art museums and theaters to shipping containers, elevators, and smartphones. (Screening archive)

I began making remix videos around 1995, then just called appropriated video, using analog deck-to-deck (or cut-to-cut) editing systems. My early analog video work has been cited in the pre-internet development of what eventually became known as the “supercut” as well as being early examples of political video remix. In the early 2000’s my work shifted to experimental filmmaking using both original and found footage. Around 2004, as non-linear editing became more affordable I shifted back to remixing video while still doing some film work in Super 8 and 8mm.

Around 2005-2006 I became involved with online video making and was among a handful of people involved in pre-YouTube videoblogging community. My videoblogging work was a mix of personal, experimental, and documentary filmmaking. My Fox News mashup Big Screen Version was an early viral video on the pre-YouTube site iFilm. From 2006-2007 I made remix videos solely for the internet on my cable tv remix site Valdezatron Industries.

From 2007-2015 I plundered the internet for the pioneering remix collective Wreck & Salvage (w/ Erik Nelson & Adam Quirk). Along the way I’ve made over a hundred short videos. My most popular W&$ video, I’m Bruce, a Bruce Willis supercut, has around half a million views across various web video platforms. My musical mashups Glenn Beck Beats and Good Morning, both Vimeo Staff Picks, have also been fan favorites.

A long-time purveyor of horrible instructional VHS, in 2011 I created Hard Stars, a YouTube channel featuring the most comprehensive collection of celebrity workout videos on VHS in the world. I served bravely as a guest blogger at Everything is Terrible from 2011-2013. I was also the editor of the full-length theatrical version of the groundbreaking crowdsourcing project Star Wars Uncut. In late 2015, my 2014 unearthing of a video called You on Kazoo briefly took over the internet (currently at 8 million views).

I have recently began making new remix work under the moniker Dead VCR.

Feel free to contact me. Thanks for stopping by.