Armed Response (all you need to know)

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From the bowels of the late 80’s and rescued from the VHS nether regions of Detroit, Michigan comes Armed Response. Jim Roth (David Carradine) is a Vietnam vet just trying to lead a normal life running a bar in China Square while dealing with his two knuckleheaded brothers and ornery pappy (Lee Van Cleef). When brother Clay gets killed in a double-cross exchanging a priceless statue for Japanese businessman Tanaka (Mako) the Roth clan decides to keep it in the family and launch an all out Armed Response.

Channeling his rage-fueled Nam flashbacks Carradine slowly slaps his way through Tanaka’s organization until the final showdown where he breaks out a small cache of weapons that he brought back from the war to take on Tanaka’s army lead by rhythmless psychopath Fortune Cookie (Michael Berryman).

As seen on Everything is Terrible.