Fox & Friends Commercial Break – LATEST VIDEO

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My latest video is a byproduct of another video idea to craft something out of Donald Trump’s favorite TV show Fox & Friends. After the excruciating experience of pouring over just ONE 3-hour show I decided for sanity’s sake to take another approach, one that didn’t involve ever watching Fox and Friends again. So I pulled all of the commercials from the show and mashed them together.


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I talked about and presented work on a panel about supercut videos 4 or 5 years ago at a conference. The session was recorded and put on YouTube by a newish YT channel created by some people involved with VH1-Pop Up Video. The YT channel lasted a few months before failing and no new content has been uploaded to it in 4 years. Out of the blue I get a copyright notice from this channel stating that they now have my video (I’m Bruce) monetized because I’m using 20-seconds that matches content they own. This 20-seconds is what I showed during the panel that they recorded!

Well the jokes on you, fuckers, because the video is already private because Warner Bros flagged it a few months ago for using some of the Bruces they own. So now I’m disputing everyone because fuck these robot lawyers.

Peace, Love, and Organic,

Gratuitous Sax

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3+ hours of 80s hits with saxophone solos.

Bowling with Dick

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Get in touch with the pure true feelings of bowling.

Thunder Warrior (Dead VCR Cut)

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Rambo, I mean Thunder, returns home to claim Sheila only to find his ancestors’ ancient burial ground desecrated by developers. After taking a few beatings and having his framed Treaty smashed, Thunder takes justice into his own hands Navajo-style.

Health, Image, & Style for Men

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Grab the baby oil and join 90’s male model Tom on a journey through your basic American Psycho grooming regiment.

The Ultimate Driving Challenge

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In the latest DEADVCR video Craig T. Nelson, Paula Zahn, Hammer, Tim Allen, Scott Bakula, and a host of 90’s celebrities present GM’s The Ultimate Driving Challenge.

Only the Dead

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It’s been some time since my last video. Three months ago, around the time of the mass shooting in Orlando, I began working (You can see a rainbow flag version of the A&E “bug” the network inappropriately ran the days following the Orlando shootings in a few of the clips). Somewhere in the middle of the project the Republican National Convention happened and the video became a direct reflection of Donald Trump’s view of America in his acceptance speech. And that’s one of the main issues people have with the show. It prays on the fears of white America of black crime by misrepresenting homicide crime statistics in America by featuring predominantly black suspects on the show.

The First 48’s formula goes something like this. The close-mic’d narrator:

  • states the time and city
  • narrows down location (side of town, neighborhood)
  • introduces 911 call (911 call plays)
  • “when police and paramedics respond they find” a victim, location, …. “dead”;
    • if the victim(s) are still alive: paramedics rush the victim to the hospital… variations on dying, usually “but he dies” or “where he dies.”

Almost all of the material in the final video come from season 4 and onward when this formula is put into place. There’s always an extremely long pause for the eerie strings build in the background before the narrator really punches “dead.” I originally left in these pauses, but the video ended up around 8 minutes by including them. While the narrator has been with the show since the first season, he doesn’t become a “character” until this fourth season. The voiceover recording quality also has a much deeper and sinister tone. Several episodes are no longer aired after the suspects who were convicted of murder on the show in Miami, Houston, and Minneapolis were exonerated. Cities have ended contracts with show as a result of the interfering with/influencing investigations (New Orleans) or obstructing justice (Detroit).

Hannah Harris Green Reality TV show The First 48 thrives off America’s racist justice system
Luther Campbell The First 48 Keeps Miami’s Inner City Neighborhoods in the Dumps