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Maine International Film Festival

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dissolve and Life & Times of Robert F. Kennedy Starring Gary Cooper playing at Common Street Arts as part of the Maine International Film Festival’s MIFFONEDGE series. July 14-August 26.

“MIFF On Edge again features a series of audiovisual works that challenge how we look at, listen to, and think about film. We pay tribute to the earliest films of Harry Smith, filmmaker, painter, ethnomusicologist, collector, and alchemist. Smith, perhaps best known for his Grammy-winning Anthology of American Folk Music, is represented by his earliest direct animation (drawn and painted directly on a strip of film) and some of his early collage films. You can try your hand at direct animation by participating in the Community Cameraless Film Project at Common Street Arts. Resonating with the careful attention to color and movement in Harry Smith’s films, Jodie Mack’s animations enliven everyday objects and encourage us to see the world around us in new ways. Two mesmerizing video works by Aaron Valdez reanimate a collection of old educational films and mix a newsreel about Robert Kennedy with the Hollywood classic High Noon. Finally, San Francisco-based film and video artist Kerry Laitala will join us for a multi-projector, multi-screen, live performance of some of her work.”

Extremely Shorts Celebration

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My Fox News remix video Big Screen Version is part of Aurora Picture Show’s Extremely Shorts 20th Anniversary program. It screened there way back in 2005. Aurora Picture Show holds a special place in my heart. Nothing quite like it existed in Houston when I was growing up there. Andrea Grover set up shop in this funky church in maybe not the best part of town and the thing took off (under her great spirit, programming, grant writing, family, dogs, and karaoke). I was living in Austin and just starting my journey as a filmmaker, helping run a non-profit Super 8 collective, when Aurora was born.

It was THE first organization that paid me to screen my work. Our organization, Austin Cinemaker Co-op, was able to support its first touring program with Aurora Picture Show as its first stop. A few years ago, I was commissioned to make a piece for some visiting journalists to watch while eating breakfast cereal that turned into Good Morning. Over the years I’ve had a few other videos play there and I’m always happy to see Aurora carrying on with great screenings and video programs in the community. I’ll always be grateful for that support they gave me as a young artist and that they continue to show me as an old man.








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I just bought a nifty little 35mm point-and-shoot camera and here’s some stuff from the test roll.

Have a Pepsi

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Quick photochop in memory of April 4th 2017.

Marcy, Marcy Me

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I’m currently combing through commercials from the 80’s for a maybe project. Marcy balled hard in the 80’s.

Imagine a time when instead of drug commercials there were cologne commercials that were equally as frightening.

No, this isn’t a SNL skit with Aubrey Plaza.

In Ed We Trust.


Fox & Friends Commercial Break – LATEST VIDEO

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My latest video is a byproduct of another video idea to craft something out of Donald Trump’s favorite TV show Fox & Friends. After the excruciating experience of pouring over just ONE 3-hour show I decided for sanity’s sake to take another approach, one that didn’t involve ever watching Fox and Friends again. So I pulled all of the commercials from the show and mashed them together.


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I talked about and presented work on a panel about supercut videos 4 or 5 years ago at a conference. The session was recorded and put on YouTube by a newish YT channel created by some people involved with VH1-Pop Up Video. The YT channel lasted a few months before failing and no new content has been uploaded to it in 4 years. Out of the blue I get a copyright notice from this channel stating that they now have my video (I’m Bruce) monetized because I’m using 20-seconds that matches content they own. This 20-seconds is what I showed during the panel that they recorded!

Well the jokes on you, fuckers, because the video is already private because Warner Bros flagged it a few months ago for using some of the Bruces they own. So now I’m disputing everyone because fuck these robot lawyers.

Peace, Love, and Organic,

UPDATE: Video was restored. It actually had 3 copyright claims from different parties. One claim by some random person was dismissed after they didn’t reply to my dispute within 30 days. The VH1 folks almost immediately released their claim after it was disputed. Warner Bros did not accept my dispute. No reason was given, just a big NOPE. So I had to file a counter notification against Warner Bros. YouTube makes this a big scary thing that sounds like the beginning of a legal battle. The counter notification form allows you to address each of the four factors of fair use. Your personal information is released to other party and they have 10 days to provide YouTube evidence that they’ve initiated a court action to keep the content down. Who knows if anyone reads these things, probably an intern. Well, thanks intern.