Extremely Shorts Celebration

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My Fox News remix video Big Screen Version is part of Aurora Picture Show’s Extremely Shorts 20th Anniversary program. It screened there way back in 2005. Aurora Picture Show holds a special place in my heart. Nothing quite like it existed in Houston when I was growing up there. Andrea Grover set up shop in this funky church in maybe not the best part of town and the thing took off (under her great spirit, programming, grant writing, family, dogs, and karaoke). I was living in Austin and just starting my journey as a filmmaker, helping run a non-profit Super 8 collective, when Aurora was born.

It was THE first organization that paid me to screen my work. Our organization, Austin Cinemaker Co-op, was able to support its first touring program with Aurora Picture Show as its first stop. A few years ago, I was commissioned to make a piece for some visiting journalists to watch while eating breakfast cereal that turned into Good Morning. Over the years I’ve had a few other videos play there and I’m always happy to see Aurora carrying on with great screenings and video programs in the community. I’ll always be grateful for that support they gave me as a young artist and that they continue to show me as an old man.







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