March Updates

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Wow, it’s been a month since I posted anything here. March updates are as follows. Finished the majority of editing of Hard Stars videos and have been pumping out new animated gifs, stills, and workout jams daily.

Editing Star Wars Uncut (Director’s Cut) is near completion. It’s going to rock your faces off. I had a three-day bout with scrolling end credits and two major hard drive implosions last week to make things interesting.

Found a house in Ann Arbor for our move in late June. Met a cat named Gorby.

Wreck & Salvage’s Suppendapo has been nominated for a Streamy Award for Best Interactive Experience in a Web Series. See my contributions here.

Thought about how I haven’t sent away work to film festivals in the last three years. Is it you or is it me?

Editing goes on for the 16mm film library. I cut 5 or 6 films a day. I’ve got another 2 months of editing at this pace to finish before the move.

The Wreck & Salvage crew fulfilled its education requirement this month with some streaming interweb discussions with students at ITP in New York and GVSU in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Tricorn, Wreck & Salvage’s live internet video mixtape happened April 1st. Repeats are available here. We’ll put together a higher-quality downloadable version soon.

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