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I talked about and presented work on a panel about supercut videos 4 or 5 years ago at a conference. The session was recorded and put on YouTube by a newish YT channel created by some people involved with VH1-Pop Up Video. The YT channel lasted a few months before failing and no new content has been uploaded to it in 4 years. Out of the blue I get a copyright notice from this channel stating that they now have my video (I’m Bruce) monetized because I’m using 20-seconds that matches content they own. This 20-seconds is what I showed during the panel that they recorded!

Well the jokes on you, fuckers, because the video is already private because Warner Bros flagged it a few months ago for using some of the Bruces they own. So now I’m disputing everyone because fuck these robot lawyers.

Peace, Love, and Organic,

UPDATE: Video was restored. It actually had 3 copyright claims from different parties. One claim by some random person was dismissed after they didn’t reply to my dispute within 30 days. The VH1 folks almost immediately released their claim after it was disputed. Warner Bros did not accept my dispute. No reason was given, just a big NOPE. So I had to file a counter notification against Warner Bros. YouTube makes this a big scary thing that sounds like the beginning of a legal battle. The counter notification form allows you to address each of the four factors of fair use. Your personal information is released to other party and they have 10 days to provide YouTube evidence that they’ve initiated a court action to keep the content down. Who knows if anyone reads these things, probably an intern. Well, thanks intern.