New Stuff for Walls

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I picked up this They Live print from artist Jeremy Wheeler at the Tape Eaters VHS Convention in Ann Arbor a few weekends ago. It was a tough choice over a glow-in-the-dark Creepshow poster and a blacklight Suspiria poster.


A few months ago I ordered this Videodrome inspired print by Aaron Crawford’s Cavity Colors. Videodrome makes me think about some of the first video experiences I had as a kid browsing the titles on the VHS wall at the Federated electronics store on FM1960 in Houston. Yeah, all of the VHS titles fit onto one wall and they had exactly one copy of everything. There was another wall devoted to Beta. They carried a lot of the Warner Brothers big-box videos, the ones with still from the film on the cover and absolutely no design. The Videodrome box just had a still of the hand stretching out of the tv. Keeping with the TV theme I think my next purchase needs to be Poltergeist or Halloween 3 related.