One Percent

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I sent off a few cartridges of Super 8 that have been hanging around in junk drawers in the last three houses, in the last two states I’ve lived in. This is a partial roll from around 2005 when we first moved to Iowa. Most of my getting around was on a bike trail that hugged a highway running along strip malls, Kmarts and the like.

The trail turned underneath the highway and followed the Iowa River. Great care was taken here to not run over homeless fellas, fishermen, and a groundhog called Frank. In the next stretch thick clouds of knats congregated along the city’s water treatment plant with Humane Society dog walkers and feral cats hiding beneath train tressels. A twist and a wind, two bumps past the Fire Department training center and then the tire popping City Carton recycling area. From there my paths diverged.

At some point I had an idea to shoot rolls and rolls of garbage and found items where they lay on Super 8. Somewhere in the middle of doing this I got asked to make another film in Kodachrome and this reel went to the great junk drawer in the sky where all good half-baked ideas go to live out the remainder of their lives’ in peace. Several years later and before I knew it Kodachrome was dead.

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  1. Croma
    January 24, 2011

    Kodachrom is dead! Long live Kodachrome!

    I love this – very much. Praise be to junk drawers.