Sky Machine

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Here’s the YouTube version of the music video I made this summer for Love Inks’ “Sky Machine.” Cool story: Kevin Dehan from the band contacted me out of the blue back in May, said he had found my work on VHS in Austin and really dug it. VHS?

Back in the late 90’s/early 2000’s I was part of the Austin Cinemaker Co-op, a film collective championing Super 8 filmmaking. We met regularly and talked about filmmaking, rented equipment, put on Super 8 filmmaking workshops, and hosted loosely themed screenings at the Ritz Lounge every few months. The work coming out of the Co-op was experimental and weird and beautiful, all edited in-camera and sound loosely synced at screenings by someone manning a cassette deck. A few “best of” compilation VHS tapes were put together at the end of every year. The tapes made their way around Austin to a video stores that had free rental “local” shelves. That was pretty much our YouTube back then. 10+ years later a few of those tapes were still alive and well at Vulcan Video when Kevin found them.