Star Wars Uncut Intro

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I made a few of the opening title elements for Star Wars Uncut in addition to doing the video editing for the feature-length version. My After Effects and animation skills are pretty minimal. Here are the results:

For the 20th Century opening I found a high-res photo online and Photoshopped the spotlight elements out with a mixture of clone and paint brush tools. I then made separate layers for the elements that I knew I would be moving. I added the background spotlights back in by using the shape tool in After Effects and lowering the opacity of the white shapes to look like light beams.

I found an After Effects plugin on the internet for creating light sabers (thank you nerds) and simply animated the size values to get the opening effect. For the clashes I added a full white frame and a smaller flash where the sabers meet. I also put a slight glow to area that gets cut away on the 2, I could have done more here, maybe included some sparks.

I used the garbage matte in Final Cut Pro and two duplicate video layers to switch around and mask the Lucasfilm Unlimited Production title card to read Limited Lucasfilm Production. Making the video more contrasty with the 3-way color-corrector also helped hide the switcheroo.

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  1. Croma
    November 19, 2010

    The force is definitely with you.

    This is briliant.


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